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About us & Contact

Your Belgrade. Your community.


Move to Belgrade is a free online site with general information on the relocation experience for foreigners who have recently moved to Belgrade, or are planning to do so. We’ve included content on the areas we consider are important to understand both the city and Serbia as a whole, including quick facts about our country, guidance on the VISA procedures, which neighborhood to live in and tips on how to enjoy all that Belgrade has to offer.


Community is the beating heart of the Move to Belgrade concept. Our ambition is to create a clear and comprehensive resource built by Belgradians and foreigners together. We’re continually looking to expand our network of collaborators and welcome volunteers from all backgrounds. This is your community, your Belgrade!


Move to Belgrade is still in its early stages and we’d love to hear your feedback as we develop the project further. Please get in touch with your questions, suggestions, ideas or simply to say ćao at: hello@movetobelgrade.com


We will include all the questions we receive in our FAQs.


Move to Belgrade is a collaboration between a group of independent Serbian organizations. We’re a like-minded collective of culture centers, tech start-ups, law firms, design hubs and voluntary freelancers. You can read about each member of the project in the section below. 


SEE ICT is a grass-root non-profit organization established in 2010 with the mission to develop Serbian technology and startup scene through innovation, education and creativity. Our most important new project is Tesla Nation.

We have walked a long way since the organization was founded and in view to expand our labor within the Serbian community, we opened Startit Centar in November 2015.


Startit Centar is located in the heart of Savamala with a graceful space of 1,000m2. Here is where we host the majority of events and also were freelancers, other startups and digital nomads come to use our co-working area.  


Being an established and recognizable tech hub among the Balkan countries gave us the power to grow our team to 20 members who all share the same DNA as the original SEE ICT founders: ambition, sharing knowledge and embracing challenges.


During 2016 and following the success of Startit Centar Belgrade, we decided to open another 6 centers in several cities across Serbia – being the one in Novi Sad with 1,300m2 the biggest one of them.


All of our sites bring together entrepreneur people within a vibrant environment where creative minds like designers, developers, virtual reality or video producers share their professional experience through the academy programs, conferences and hackathons organized regularly. To complement the educational side of our organization we also run Startit Blog – the leader IT blog in Serbia with more than 50,000 monthly readers.


Our vision for Move to Belgrade is to legitimize the Serbian IT sector which in the last few years is being attracting more and more foreigners. We believe we can learn a lot from expat experiences and that is why we wanted to create a space for them but involving Belgradian community at the same time. We know that joining forces with our partners we can create an innovative and ambitious project to fulfill everybody’s needs.


Address: Savska 5 // Website: www.seeict.org


Nova Iskra is a platform for professional development of emerging creative professionals located in Belgrade and also one of the first co-working spaces in South East Europe.


We are a team of eight people with a rich and diverse background in local and international projects from the domains of education, design, visual arts, music, culture, project management and creative industries.


We offer a supreme work-space concept and service that has already been used by more than 200 individuals, located in our 700 m2 space in the neighborhood of Savamala. The space brings together designers, architects, developers, photographers, consultants and even lawyers from the regular program activities aimed at young authors and creative professionals such as lectures, workshops, seminars and courses, mentoring, expert consultations and project-based education.


We are involved in Move to Belgrade project because for years we were aware of the creative potential of Belgrade, as well as the peculiar lifestyle and tempo that are characteristic of Serbia. On the other hand, we had the opportunity to work, collaborate and make friends with many guest artists, designers and other colleagues who all found Belgrade extremely exciting and still a relatively “intact” environment. Aware of the diversity brought into our surrounding by foreigners we wanted to make our creative community more versatile, exciting and in a constant dialogue with the world.


And last but not least, we are extremely happy to work along the other partners, who are all playing a key role in “keeping Belgrade alive” over the last years.


Address: Gavrila Principa 43 // Website: www.novaiskra.com


SHARE Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Belgrade that is dedicated to protecting the rights of Internet citizens. We believe that the Internet and digital media will be fundamental for achieving democratic change in society as a tool for improvement of government accountability, transparency and socioeconomic empowerment of citizens.


We work as a policy think tank, watchdog organization and legal team that conducts monitoring of the state of internet freedoms in Serbia. We also cover legal research, provide pro bono legal and tech support to CSOs, independent and civic media organizations and promote internet culture and technology to a wider community. We were the first to open a debate on digital security, threats to journalism and online media, censorship, human rights on the Internet and privacy issues in Serbia.


We started to investigate the state of affairs of digital rights and internet freedoms in Serbia in 2014. Since then developed a considerable legal and tech expertise and have specialized in the work with media and CSOs. Thanks to the efforts made in these areas over the years, we are recognized in the Internet community as the Center for Digital Rights in Serbia.


Supporting Move to Belgrade is very important to us because we want to help create steadily-growing community of expats around this project with the goal to stimulate the development of startup ecosystem, diverse entrepreneurial culture and resource pool in Serbia. Creating community of like-minded thinkers that pushes itself to thrive and create something new and exciting is crucial for developing economic competitiveness and growth.


We want to help change the common perception of Belgrade among foreigners and show that Belgrade has many opportunities to offer to any expat making the move to live and work in Serbia.


Website: www.shareconference.net