Entry & VISA - Move to Belgrade
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Entry & VISA

Entry and types of Serbian VISA
Photo: Nuria Vega


If you’re considering a move to Belgrade, it’s vital to determine which VISA is necessary for your home country before you embark on your Serbian adventure. Certain nationalities are required to obtain a VISA before even a short visit, and regardless of your citizenship you will definitely need a VISA for a long-term relocation to the white city.


Requesting a Serbian VISA includes a fair amount of documentation, money and patience, but fear not – we’ve compiled all the necessary information into an easy-to-read guide. And if you’re not required to obtain a short stay VISA, you can enter the country with a valid passport and apply for your specific VISA once you’ve arrived in Belgrade.


First things first, let’s see the information covered in this section:





If you’re already in Serbia (with or without short stay VISA) and want to stay here for a longer period, you have two options depending on the length of your planned stay: