About Us


Move to Belgrade is a collaboration between a group of independent Serbian organizations. We’re a like-minded collective of culture centers, tech start-ups, law firms, design hubs and voluntary freelancers. You can read about each member of the project in the section below.


SEE ICT is a grass-root non-profit organization established in 2010 with the mission to develop Serbian technology and startup scene through innovation, education and creativity. We have walked a long way since the organization was founded and in view to expand our labor within the Serbian community, we opened Startit Centar in November 2015.

Startit Centar is located in the heart of Savamala with a graceful space of 1,000m2. Here is where we host the majority of events and also were freelancers, other startups and digital nomads come to use our co-working area.

Being an established and recognizable tech hub among the Balkan countries gave us the power to grow our team to 20 members who all share the same DNA as the original SEE ICT founders: ambition, sharing knowledge and embracing challenges.

During 2016 and following the success of Startit Centar Belgrade, we decided to open another 6 centers in several cities across Serbia – being the one in Novi Sad with 1,300m2 the biggest one of them.

All of our sites bring together entrepreneur people within a vibrant environment where creative minds like designers, developers, virtual reality or video producers share their professional experience through the academy programs, conferences and hackathons organized regularly. To complement the educational side of our organization we also run Startit Blog – the leader IT blog in Serbia with more than 50,000 monthly readers.

Our vision for Move to Belgrade is to legitimize the Serbian IT sector which in the last few years is being attracting more and more foreigners. We believe we can learn a lot from expat experiences and that is why we wanted to create a space for them but involving Belgradian community at the same time. We know that joining forces with our partners we can create an innovative and ambitious project to fulfill everybody’s needs.