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Jakov Simic

A lot of expats to Belgrade are asking the question:

Is Serbia safe to move to right now, given the situation in Ukraine with Russia?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes. You have absolutely nothing to worry about moving to and living in Serbia during this time.

Serbia is over 1,600km from Ukraine (perhaps slightly less if you take a direct route through Romania). Romania itself acts as a large buffer between Serbian and Ukrainian territory.

Other points to consider:

  • Serbia is not part of NATO. Therefore, any potential conflict between Russia and NATO would not directly involve Serbia. Serbia would remain one of the few truly neutral countries in the Balkan region.
  • Serbia has a good relationship with both the EU and Russia.
  • Serbia has amicable relations with Ukraine also, including some defensive cooperation (mostly to do with training and arms production).
  • Serbia remembers what NATO did to Yugoslavia which would undoubtedly influence their decision to stay out of a NATO-led conflict with Russia.

Are there currently Ukrainian refugees in Serbia?

At present, there are approximately 2,500 Ukrainian refugees living in Serbia.