Banking & Post office


Opening a bank account in Serbia, can be a challenge if you don’t know a native Serbian speaker. When you go to the post office or a bank branch, not everybody in the counters speaks good English. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. Have a read and let’s see if you are a bit more clear on what to do.


There are 30 banks operating in Serbia, with a network of over 1,700 business units located throughout the country. Although most banks are in foreign ownership, they are treated like separate legal entities under law. Most banks offer their services in English as well, so you can check out their website.

Total assets-wise, the top five banks are:

You can open both FX and dinar current and deposit accounts in any bank branch you select. You can find a more detailed procedure here.

To protect your rights and interests and get information about banks, you can contact the central bank’s Centre for Financial Consumer Protection and Education.

They provide guidance for free about the issues you might encounter.


The national post service system of Serbia is called Post of Serbia. They offer a great variety of services, including sending and receiving parcels and packages, money transfers, printing and design services, payment operations and many more.

Also there are several international courier services in Serbia where you can send and receive larger parcels on door-to-door principle:

If you wish to receive and send money abroad, you can also use Western Union services.