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Arts & Culture in Belgrade


During centuries Serbia has received influences from a lot of different cultures that slowly left their heritage in the land, culture and traditions. Being the capital, Belgrade, has always being the main crossing point for people passing by the city.

In this section we want to bring you the Serbian culture as close as possible so you can learn how it developed from the origins and understand why this side of the Balkans is so charming.

We spotted the best locations that surely you will only see in this side of Europe, like the lively greenmarkets, the bars where the locals go to relax and chat, the best shopping areas and of course a fun history timeline to learn more about Serbia.

On the other section, we are only focusing in the cultural side. Here you have the best museums in Belgrade, art galleries, cultural centers that often are an eclectic mix of other activities, new and old cinemas, classical and modern theaters and libraries dispersed around the city, some of them also having foreign spaces either run by embassies or official organizations.

Enjoy and discover Belgrade!