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Cinemas & Theaters


Today, in a world full of cinephiles and movie goers and those suffering from the so-called ″theatermania″, we have dedicated a space for all the places in Belgrade where you can go, relax and have some nice time after a long day at work. The bad thing for foreigners when it comes to this matter is that cinemas and theaters in Serbia usually don’t have a website in English. But, don’t worry, that’s what we are here for.


Like any other capital, Belgrade offers plenty of choices regarding cinema options. Generally, all the foreign movies released in Serbia are in their original version with Serbian subtitles. There are also other different cinemas which only perform author movies, organize special film festivals and we even have a couple of old school cinemas with old-time classics in black & white! Definitely a must place to visit for everybody in Belgrade.


Cineplexx is a cinema chain with multiple cinemas in the biggest cities around Serbia. In Belgrade, you can either find it in Ušće Shopping Centre or in Delta City. They are a multiplex type of cinema with a mix of local and international movies. Foreign movies are always showcased in original version with subtitles in Serbian. Only children movies are totally dubbed into Serbian.

Address: Ušće & Delta City, 3rd floor // Website:


Situated in the city center, Tuckwood is one of the most popular cinemas in Belgrade. It is a charming old school cinema with auditoria, named after iconic actors and actresses. It is also possible to make reservations beforehand by calling +381 11 3236517.

Address: Kneza Miloša, 7a // Website: Working hours: Monday Friday 15-23h / Saturday Sunday 12-23.15h


Built in 1967, this movie theater had been forgotten for several decades before it reopened in 2012. It is located in New Belgrade and is a perfect spot for those who want to avoid usually overcrowded places such as Ušće and Delta City. To make reservations, please call +381 11 2670469 or +381 64 5476867.

Address: Pariske komune, 13 // Website: Working hours: Monday Sunday 9-21h


Established in 1957 and declared Belgrade’s cultural heritage in 2013, this movie theater has basically been forgotten for years. Although still functioning, it hasn’t been renovated in decades but if you are looking for the cheapest ticket right in the city center and you are fan of old school style, this cinema is a great choice.

Address: Dečanska, 14 // Website: Working hours: Monday Sunday 13-22h


If you happen to find yourself a bit further from the city center, Roda Cineplex is the place to go. Situated in the neighborhood of Banovo Brdo, the cinema offers very good prices. Moreover, if you decide to go with your friends and family, you will find multiple ticket discounts.

Address: Požeška, 83a // Website: Working hours: Monday Sunday 10-22h


If you are more of a theatergoer, there are plenty of choices in Belgrade. Although the majority of the theaters have only Serbian shows, from time to time, they include some old good classics in English but also some of the modern theaters have started subtitling the plays in English. However, if you have at least some basic knowledge of Serbian, you will find the theater experience in Belgrade quite enjoyable.


The first performance in the National Theater was held in 1868. The interior of the theater will leave you in awe it is truly magnificent and represents cultural heritage of exceptional importance. Here you can also watch ballet and opera. The theater is situated right in the city center and you will most certainly enjoy the atmosphere here.

Address: Francuska, 3 //  Website: Ticket office: Monday Saturday 11-15h & 17h onwards / Sunday 17h onwards


Yugoslav Drama Theater opened its doors to the public in 1948. The building was renovated in 2003 and represents a piece of modern architecture. The surroundings are very beautiful since it is situated in Manjež park. Some of the greatest Serbian actors perform here, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit this theater.

Address: Kralja Milana, 50 // Website: Ticket office: Monday Saturday 10-15h & 17h onwards / Sunday 17h onwards


Terazije Theater is a Broadway-style theatre, widely known for operettas, musicals and comedies. As most of the Belgrade theaters, it is situated in the city center, so you won’t have any troubles finding it.

Address: Nikole Pašica Square, 3 //  Website: Ticket office: Tuesday Saturday 13-19.30h / Sunday 17h onwards


Situated in Vračar, Belgrade Drama Theater is proud of its contemporary and avant-garde performances.

Address: Mileševska, 64a  //  Website: Ticket office: Monday Saturday 10-14h & 18-21h / Sunday 18-21h


Since its founding more than 60 years ago, Atelier 212 has been considered to be one of the most important theaters in the region. It marked a turning point in Eastern Europe’s theatrical life with its ″Waiting for Godot″ performance which, at the time, was considered extremely controversial. Its authenticity and atmosphere will definitely leave an impression on you.

Address: Svetogorska, 21 //  Website: Ticket office: Monday-Saturday 10-15h & 17h onwards / Sunday 17h onwards


Established as the first private opera in the region in 1998, the theater is named after its founder Madlena Zepter. Located in Zemun, here you can enjoy operas, musicals, concerts, dramas and ballet. If you find it more convenient, you can also buy tickets in 42 Knez Mihailova.

Address: Glavna, 32. Zemun // Website: Ticket office: Monday Friday 12-20h / Saturday Sunday 18-20h


Bitef is an avant-garde theater situated in the reconstructed evangelistic church in the very heart of Dorćol. This is a constantly growing theater, open for new, fresh and brave innovations. But, bear in mind that Bitef does not have a permanent program. It also offers discounts for students and pensioners.

Address: Mire Trailović Square, 1 //  Website: Ticket office: 18-20h (when performances are held)