Cultural Centers & Art Galleries


When we talk about culture and art, Belgrade nurtures its citizens through a great program with activities that cover every taste. There are more than ten relevant cultural centers with a variety of activities that cover all the arts. The spaces organize concerts, talks, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and many more gatherings where locals and foreigners mix up regularly. 

For an easier orientation, you can check out the locations in the following map.


The Cultural Center of Belgrade, founded 60 years ago is one of the most active cultural institutions in the capital. Located in the heart of the city and with several spaces across different buildings, its program offers regular exhibitions, panel discussions, lectures, film projections, debates and much more.

The exhibition space, The Artget Gallery, was opened in 2002, dedicated exclusively to photography. The regular exhibitions go from documentaries, to historical and contemporary visual art sense from local and foreign photographers. In the same premises but entering through Knez Mihailova, you can also visit the Art Gallery, smaller but with different exhibitions.

Address: Trg Republike, 5 // Website: Working hours: Tuesday Sunday 11-21h


Culture Center Grad was born as a result of the cooperation between the Amsterdam Felix Meritis Foundation and Belgrade Municipality of Savski Venac. In 2009, the independent organization Cultural Front helped to established the project officially.

KC Grad, as known among the locals, is one of the liveliest places in Belgrade if we talk about culture and events. Placed in the vibrant Savamala overlooking the river Sava, the space has a bar and a diverse program bringing together regular music performances, deli-culinary experiences, film projections and even theater.

The Gallery is located in the first floor exhibiting work both from local and foreign artists including sculpture, graphic art, paintings, photography, as well as other contemporary visuals.

Address: Brace Krsmanovic 4 // Website: Working hours: Monday Sunday 12-Depending on events (Bar & shop) Monday Sunday 14-20h (Gallery)


Ever since its founding in 1995, the Center for Cultural Decontamination worked as an independent and non profit institution in order to organize not only exhibitions but also cultural events, concerts, public programs, workshops and lecture series among other activities.

The Gallery has its own monthly program exhibiting the works from local and also foreign artists.

Address: Birčaninova 21 // Website: Working hours: TBC


Dom Omladine Belgrade is an institution that has being part of Belgrade’s cultural scene for more than 50 years. It’s diverse program is created and organized with the help of young people who aim to keep Belgrade education scene reinventing himself. It’s program covers all art disciplines and forms: music, film, theater, visual arts and new media. There is also space to organize debates, lectures, workshops and other activities.

Dom Omladine has more than 5,000 m2 with three concert halls, galleries, debate rooms, lobbies and other spaces where the young generations gather together regularly.

Address: Makedonska 22 / IV // Website: Working hours: Monday Saturday 10-22h


Officially opened in 1971, the Students’ Cultural Center is being since then promoting cultural communication between the students and several Belgrades organizations. SKC has two locations in Belgrade, the one in the Students’ city in New Belgrade and this one in Kralja Milana. After a few years, the SKC also expanded to Novi Sad.

The center offers concerts, exhibitions, regular festivals, workshops, film projections, etc. While the SKC Gallery covers exhibitions including sculpture, paintings, graphic prints and a good range of other works.

  Address: Kralja Milana 48  // Website: Working hours: TBC


Students’ City Cultural Center, is the cultural space for the largest student’s community in Belgrade. The campus is like a small city for university students and is located in Blok 34, in New Belgrade. DKSG has a wide program with activities for general public including, concerts, films, theater plays, a library, a cafeteria and also two galleries.

The Main Gallery and The Gallery. While exhibitions of the Main Gallery include well known visual artists, exhibitions in The Gallery are based on student’s work and works of emerging artists.

Address: Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 179, Novi Beograd  // Website: Working hours: Monday Sunday 08-00h (Cafeteria & library) Monday Saturday 17-21h (Gallery)


Is known for being one of the most vibrant cultural spots in Belgrade. It’s multi-functional space and program covers work from film, theater, music, workshops, panel discussions and many other options. It even has a small cinema room for 40 people where they perform domestic cinematheque. And if this wasn’t enough, in the basement, there is also a jazz club inspired by the famous New York’s Village Vanguard. Worth mentioning also, the characteristic art deco of the building.

Address: Kapetan Mišina 6a // Website: Working hours: Monday Saturday 09-22h


Founded in 1994, Rex Cultural Center is a place where contemporary social projects mixed with cultural activities take place. The center supports, presents and also produces a wide range of projects including lectures, presentations, exhibitions, concerts workshops and even dance, theater and film performances.

Address: Jevrejska 16 // Website:   Working hours: TBC


If you like to wander around and admire or even buy some artworks, we have put together the best Art Galleries in the capital. Each of them is unique in their own way and they all offer very different works, majority from local artists.  For an easier orientation, you can check out the locations in the following map.


The Serbian Academy of Sciences & Arts founded the Sasa Gallery at the end of 1970. Since then, the gallery has been showcasing different works from local and international artists and its exhibitions are always well received by the public. The gallery also organizes from time to time music performances, cultural lectures and even awards ceremonies.

Address: Knez Mihailova 35 // Website: Working hours: Tuesday Sunday 10-21h


Founded in 1995, The Center for Graphic Art & Visual Researchers Accademia is being functioning as part of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade for the last 10 years. The Accademia, as known between Belgradians, has its own gallery, retail space, graphic print workshop and also organize lectures, seminars and demonstrations by artists from all generations. The majority of the work showcased in the Center are graphic prints, being a good number of them made by students from the Art Faculty.

The Gallery Flu and its newer exhibition space called Gallery Izlozi, are a multimedia platform of the Faculty of Fine Arts also which are within the Accademia premises. Both galleries are focused on innovative initiatives of individual artistic practice and creative tendencies of contemporary fine arts.

Address: Pariska 16 // Website: Working hours: Monday Friday 10-19h / Saturday 10-15h


Situated in Kalemegdan’s park, Art Pavilion is one of the oldest galleries in Belgrade. In addition to contemporary art exhibitions, panels, presentation of books related to the art field, there are also many other events been organized on a regular basis.

Address: Mali Kalemegdan 1 // Website:


Blok Gallery was established by the municipality of New Belgrade in 2007. The gallery exhibits works by both Serbian and foreign artists including, sculpture, graphic art, drawing, photography, as well as installations, multimedia and video art.

Address: Jurija Gagarina 221. Blok 45, Novi Beograd Working hours: Monday Saturday  11-13h & 17-21h


Located in the heart of the city, only few meters away from Trg Republike, Chaos Gallery only exhibits drawing works. This particular gallery showcases Serbian, European and overseas artists and has been doing so since its opening back in 1995.

Address: Dositejeva 3 // Website: Working hours: Monday Saturday 12-20h


Remont Gallery belongs to an Independent Artistic Association that was founded in October 1999. In 2000, the gallery was officially opened with the mission to support artists from younger generations establishing new professional standards of contemporary art in Serbia. Since its founding, the organization participated in numerous artistic and cultural projects both in local, regional and European cultural scene.

Address: Maršala Birjuzova 7 // Website: Working hours: Monday Friday 11-18h


Stara Kapetanija Gallery was founded in 1985 with the aim of presenting and promoting artists of all generations of the region. The gallery cooperates on exhibitions with similar galleries in Serbia and abroad. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery also organizes promotions, chamber concerts, lectures, as well as interactive workshops for children and young people.

Address: Kej Oslobodjenja 8, Zemun Working hours: Monday Friday 10-14h & 18-21h / Saturday Sunday 11-14h


Focusing on the young and non-established artists, Zvono Gallery organizes throughout the year a large number of solo and group exhibitions. Since its opening, the gallery has participated in other art fairs in Berlin, Vienna and Frankfurt. Address: Visnjiceva 5 // Working hours: Monday Friday 12-18h


Graficki Kolektiv was found in 1949. The gallery was one of the leading art galleries in ex-Yugoslavia and still is one of the most prominent art spaces in Belgrade hosting mainly graphic prints but also exhibits from time to time photography collections, and other graphic design works.

Address: Obilićev venac 27 // Website: Working hours: Monday Friday 11-20h / Saturday 10-16h


O3ONE Art Space is an independent art gallery which focuses on cultural production and contemporary visual art. The original project was designed to serve as a platform of synergies between art, science and technology. Since its opening in 2004, the gallery has developed strong links with other art centers in the country and also overseas.

Address: Uzun Mirkova 10 // Website: Working hours: Monday Saturday 12-19h


Atelier Otklon, founded in 2007, presents contemporary fine and applied arts, as well as focusing on authentic artistic expression in the applied arts field.

Address: Decanska 21 // Website: Working hours: Saturday 11-15h


ULUS Gallery is a representative space of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, since its opening in 1988. The gallery hosts solo projects, group exhibitions and international collaborations.

Address: Knez Mihailova 37 // Working hours: TBC


U10 Art Space is an independent artist-run space dedicated to supporting contemporary art founded in 2012 in Belgrade. The gallery aims to be a platform where young artist are presented. In addition to exhibitions, U10 also hosts spectacles, sound and music performances, discussions and panels.

Address: Kosovke devojke 3 // Website: Working hours: Thursday Saturday 13-21h


New Moment Gallery was founded in 1995 and since then it has become a prominent space for creative, innovative and visual works in the fields of contemporary design, advertising and communications.

Address: Hilandarska, 14 // Website: Working hours: TBC