Guide To Airport, Trains, Buses & Taxis In Serbia


Belgrade’s International Nikola Tesla Airport, is situated in the vicinity of Surcin, 18 km away from Belgrade and it has two different lines that connect with the city center.

  • Express bus line nºA1:

Operates every 20 minutes and starts and finishes in Slavija Square (center). The ride lasts around 30 minutes. The bus stops also at the railway station and New Belgrade. Tickets can be purchased from the driver and cost 300 dinars.

To take the bus at the airport, you need to go upstairs and cross the street where you will see the bus station pole just in front of the departures entrance.

  • Public bus nº72:

Operates every 30 minutes and starts and finishes in Zeleni Venac (greenmarket in the center). The ride lasts around 40 minutes or more depending on the traffic. Tickets can be purchased from the driver and cost 150 dinars. Although this is the cheapest travel option it is not the simplest one if you are in Belgrade for the first time and do not have a city map with you.

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The infrastructure of majority of trains is a little bit old and because there is not a fast line railway yet, they are quite slow in comparison with other countries. But the prices are generally low and you can start seeing the old trains being replace by the old ones.

For more information about railway services you can visit these links:


National bus service in Serbia has a bigger network than the railways. Again, some of the buses are old fashioned and not the most comfortable ones but the quality is better for longer trips. Prices are affordable and until the new motorways are built, even though the distances are not huge it takes a while to get to your end destination.

For more information about services and how to plan a route trip you can visit these links:


Belgrade has more than 20 different taxi companies with very affordable and frequent services all around the city.

There is not a standard rule for the color of the taxi, the type or the age. But you will differentiate them by the company logo in the rooftop. The only thing you need to be careful is to always use taxis with the TX on their registration plate, which means they are official. The ones who don’t have the TX are illegal cabs and will charge you a expensive rate.

You can also use the free new app Taxify Belgrade which works with a similar principle than Uber but using official drivers from already registered companies.