Like any other European capital, Belgrade offers quality and diverse shopping opportunities with shopping malls and shops all around the city center. You can go from luxurious upscale boutiques to the old but charming flea markets. While the main shopping malls reside in New Belgrade, you can also find special locations in the center that attracts all kind of shopping lovers.


  • UŠĆE: With more than 140 stores, a large supermarket, restaurants and bars, a food court, a cinema with 11 screens, a bowling alley, a casino and free parking space for over 1.300 vehicles, Ušće is not only the largest shopping mall in the city but also the largest shopping mall in the region.

Address: Mihajla Pupina 4, Novi Beograd.

Working Hours: 10h – 22h

Website: Usce Shopping Center

  • [[DELTA CITY]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}: With more than 30.000 m²]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[ of shopping and entertainment area, Delta City, also located in New Belgrade,  is the second shopping mall in the city. The mall was elected as the best shopping mall in 2009. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}The big selection of shops include women and men clothing, sport garments, beauty and health shops, home decoration but also restaurants and a cinema.

[Address: Jurija Gagarina 16]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Working Hours: 10h – 22 h // ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Website: [Delta City]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [[ZIRA]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}: With more than 7.000 m² of shopping, entertainment, business and hotel area, Zira Shopping Center and Hotel is the third biggest mall in Belgrade city center. Four levels of underground parking provide 550 parking spaces. The multi-functional structure of the building also provides office spaces.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Address: Ruzveltova 33]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Working Hours: M- Sa 9h – 21h  /  ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Su  9h – 19h // ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}Website: [[Zira Centar]{style="font-weight: 400;"}]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}

  • [STADION: Located]{style="font-weight: 400;"}* **in the municipality of Voždovac, the neighborhood of Braće Jerković *has its own multi-functional shopping center. Stadion has a very unusual design as it mixes two passions – shopping and football. How do you explain this? With a rooftop stadium home of local Voždovac Football Club that can accommodate 5,000 people. The retail area under the football pitch has more than 28.000 m² full of shops, restaurants, entertainment facilities and also two levels of underground parking with 800 parking spaces. On top of this, the terrace of the third floor offers amazing panoramic views of Belgrade.

[Address: Zaplanjska 32]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Working Hours: 10h – 22h ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[ // ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}Website: *[Stadion Shopping Center]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}*


[If what you need is to get dinnerware, pots and pans, decoration for the house, consumer electronics, etc. there is plenty of places to go and have a look around. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}The shopping malls Ušće and Delta City have several household shops but also around the city you will find many options to get a beautiful and cozy house.

[Below you have some examples where you can get these necessary items:]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [CasaBianca]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},[in Ušće and Delta City.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Coincasa]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, in Ušće and Delta City.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Emmezeta]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},[Partizanske Avijacije 2a, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[in New Belgrade.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Home Center]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},[Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 12]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[. Also in Ušće.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Home Alliance]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},[Obilićev Venac 9-11.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Ikea Serbia]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[ (opening during 2017)]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [JYSK]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},[Omladinskih Brigada 100]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[, very close to Delta City.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Larmas]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, Cara Nikolaja II 81.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Nanna Home]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, 3 different locations in city center, New Belgrade and Vračar]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Novo Lux]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, in Ušće.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Top Shop]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, in Ušće and also other 10 locations around Belgrade.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Zara Home]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},[in Ušće.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}


[Some of the shops we mentioned in the section above also have furniture among their products but if you are looking for more exclusive pieces we made a short selection of places where you can indulge yourself. You will get a great high end Balkan design. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [Artefacto]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}, [Svetogorska 39. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[An exclusive high end furniture store with quality designs and different styles but always following their own philosophy to improve the living space with a modern touch.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [Gir Store]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},[Tresnjinog Cveta 5. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Recently opened in New Belgrade, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Gir Store]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[ offers original furniture from international brands and professional designers. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [Hookl und Stool]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},[ Milutina Milankovi]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[ć]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[a 7b. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Manufacturer of contemporary design furniture, lamps and small objects. They also have a ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Facebook]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[ profile.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [Kare Design]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, Decanska 12. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[With more than 4,000 products in their portfolio, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Kare Serbia]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[ offers a great variety in furniture, lighting and accessories for those looking for modern looks but without compromising practicality.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [Numanovic]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[Bulevar Despota Stefana 122-124. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[A Serbian furniture manufacturer that has been present in the market for 20 years. Classical designs but always ensuring good quality in all of their products.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • *[Prostoria]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},*[ Jurija Gagarina 14. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Another showroom with modern and high quality designs created by local and international artists.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • *[Shamliza]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},*[Karađorđeva 11. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Showroom and design studio with unique furniture designed and made in Serbia. They also have items from other regional brands.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • *[Wabi Sabi]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},*[Zeleni Venac 4.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Just across ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Zeleni Venac pijaca]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[, you can find an original range of furniture and accessories here. A mix of ethnic and Asian style which will seduce the lovers of this concept.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}


[With daily new trends, there is also new ways of shopping. Concept stores are becoming more and more popular in our daily life. They are a great example of how clothing, furniture, design and coffee culture can be mixed in one place without giving up style while providing a good experience. Belgrade is increasing its offer of this shopping concept based on a culture that provides high quality materials and modern or unusual designs from local artists. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Here is our recommendations to check around in Belgrade:]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [Atelje Petlja]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Višnjićeva 4]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[A shop full of color and hand crafted clothes. With a Boho & Hippie style, you can find great pieces there. Open daily from 10h until 20h. They also have an ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[[Instagram]{style="font-weight: 400;"}]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[ profile. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[\ ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [Belgrade Design District]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},[Čumićeva 2]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Known as ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Čumićevo sokače, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[the Belgrade]{style="font-weight: 400;"} [Design District is a space in the heart of the city that groups several shops with different styles and shows the work from local designers. Definitely worth to pay a visit and explore all the options they offer.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [Blatobran]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Gospodar Jevremova 38]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[An open platform formed by local artists and designers who work mainly with ceramic. They have their own gallery open for public where you can have a look to their changing collections.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • *[Dressing Modni Studio]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},*[ Dobracina 37. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[A designer shop offering unique pieces made by Balkan artists always displaying the latest local and international trends.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • *[Gradstore Design Hub]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},*[ Pop Lukina 1. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[A space dedicated to promote the work of local artists and designers. You can find lovely hand-made gifts too.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [L’Atelier Belgrade]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, Kralja Petra 67. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[For high-end buyers, L’Atelier Belgrade offers a great selection of international designers including Christian Louboutin or Givenchy among many others. Their working hours are Monday to Friday from 10h to 20h & Saturdays from 11h until 18h.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[As its name says, this shop is the perfect place to find different accessories and original gift ideas.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • *[Koncept 45]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}, *[Kralja Petra 45. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Great concept store with a wide variety of products for him, her and the house. Check this place out, because surely you will find something cool.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • *[Makadam]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},*[ Kosančićev Venac 20.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[An oasis of Serbian artisan products that come from the most remote villages in the country. Beautiful collections featuring home-ware, clothing, vintage items, books, natural cosmetics, etc. They also have a bistro section to support local food and drinks producers.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [Nanna Home]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Nušićeva 7a.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

We only included the address for the city center shop, but they also have shops in New Belgrade and Vračar. Home decoration and accessories.

  • [P1. Concept store]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, Kralja Petra 75. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[In P1, you can find unique dresses for those special occasions like weddings, exclusive parties or black-tie events. They also have an ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[[Instagram]{style="font-weight: 400;"}]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[ profile]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • *[Re:art:concept]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},*[ Zetska 4a. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[A beautiful shop with handcraft fine Limoges porcelain tableware. Divine, classy and relaxing environment to find a special piece for your house.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • *[Resort Design Store]{style="text-decoration: underline;"},*[ Gospodar Jovanova 46. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[A modern showroom in downtown displaying the work from several Belgradian designers. Good and unique collections. They also have an ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[[Instagram]{style="font-weight: 400;"}]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[ profile]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

[Bar 8]{style="font-weight: 400;"}, serves delicious artisan coffee, craft beers and wine. Everything mixed with a relaxing and cosmopolitan ambiance.


[In Belgrade there is loads of reminiscence from the past and you will find plenty of vintage and antique shops around the city. In these places you never know what will you find, but definitely something interesting and worth exploring. Here you have a few places we thought might fascinate you. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [Antique Art]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[,]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[ Cara Uroša 12]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Antika Eklektika]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[,  ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Knez Mihailova 23]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Antiques Cirkovic]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[in Zira shopping mall ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Antiques Stojilovic]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Maksima Gorkog 3.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Antikvarnica D&B]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 140]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Das antikviteti]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Blok Sutjeska 363d]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Jane Doe Vintage Shop]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, Kapetan Mišina 17]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Jelena Plus]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, Sinđelićeva 6]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Katapult]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, Knez Mihailova 5 ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Masna]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10 D ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [Starinarnica L&G]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}[, ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}[Juzni Bulevar 136]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

FLEA MARKETS {#flea-markets style="text-align: center;"}

[Once you get to know Belgrade better, you will see it is very common to find flea markets and street vendors in the older parts of the city. It is most likely you will not find valuable pieces there but if you go to the bigger markets you can pot around and dig in the piles of old memories until you find some good old bargains.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

  • [HOTEL SLAVIJA]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}:[ One weekend per month there is a vintage and antiques fair in one of the big living rooms from this emblematic hotel. Towards the Christmas period you can find the fair every weekend. Entrance fee is 200 dinars and there is plenty of different stuff to go through.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [BUVLJAK]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}:[ Once ago, this market was very popular among Belgradians and was always very busy. Nowadays, is a bit less popular but still an interesting place to pot around. It is located in Jurija Gagarina bb and weekends are the best days to go. From Belgrade you can get there with the trams 7, 7L, 9, 13 and also with bus 95. If you are coming from Zemun, get the buses 15 and 79 which will drop off you by the side without a fence or buses 18 and 83 which stop by the fenced side of the market.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}
  • [KALENIC & BAJLONI MARKET]{style="text-decoration: underline;"}:[ Both of these greenmarkets have a section with people who sells all kind of old products, most of the times not very valuable ones but from time to time you can find good stuff.]{style="font-weight: 400;"}

SECOND HAND SHOPS {#second-hand-shops style="text-align: center;"}

[If you are looking to get second hand items for your house or just need to buy a couple of things and your budget is not very big, there is Serbian webs that work on a similar basis than Ebay and Amazon (which don’t operate in the country). You can buy & sell a wide range of products but bear in mind you might need to go and get them yourself, so make sure you buy stuff from Belgrade or nearby towns. ]{style="font-weight: 400;"}