Social Life In Belgrade


When it comes to make plans and enjoy the city, Belgrade is full of surprises. As more as you get to know the capital, as more as you will fall in love with it. We talked about the Cultural Centers in Belgrade and their activities and exhibitions, but there are many places in Belgrade to enjoy a concert or an outdoor party in a cool location.


Below you have a small selection to get started with slow coffee bars and other places where you can have a cheeky cocktail during the week. Most of them have live concerts, DJ’s or thematic evenings featuring certain music genres. Definitely, in Belgrade you can find a different option for each day of the week, so get ready to boost your social life!

  • Blaznavac, in Kneginje Ljubice 18. One of the most eclectic places in Belgrade that always have good ambience. Great for cocktails, ice coffees or smoothies during the day. You will definitely fall in love with this place. Also located in upper Dorćol.
  • Dorcol Platz, in Dobračina 59b. A great spot in lower Dorćol that has a big old warehouse converted into a bar with a big space for events. They also have a Facebook page.
  • Zappa Bar, in Kralja Petra 46, another classic bar for the coffee lovers. Next to Kneza Mihailova, an easy spot to pop in for an intimate music event. You can follow them in their Instagram profile.
  • Bife Ventil, in Kapetan Mišina 14. Opening from 17h until midnight but plenty of time to pop in and listen some of their special reggae or vinyl sessions.
  • Meduza, in Gospodar Jevremova 6. Cozy bar, near Kalemegdan in upper Dorćol. Books and intimate music sessions for a chatty coffee with your friends. Great homemade ice tea also!
  • Boho Bar Belgrade, inside Kalemegdan fortress. One of the latest new bars in Belgrade. An exotic and colourful mix where you can enjoy chill out music and live DJ’s with great cocktails and homemade drinks. They also have Instagram profile.
  • Cetinjska, known as the “car park” behind Skadarlija. This hipster area was born only a couple of years ago and has collected since then a reasonable amount of groovy bars that will seduce you for sure. Just remember they all close at midnight. You should check out Zaokret, Kisobran, Klub DvoristanceKenozoik and Foodporn if you fancy dirty burgers.
  • Miners Pub, another recommendation for upper Dorćol, in Rige od Fere 16. Great place to pop in during the week for a local or international beer, you can check their Facebook page also.
  • Samo Pivo, last but not least, next to Hotel Moscow, in Balkanska 13, Samo Pivo only serves beers. Large international list but also featuring the best Serbian breweries. Here is their Facebook page.


Once you start knowing more the city, you will make your own night out routes but until then, you can start with some of these vibrant bars which offer a mix of genres and tastes for everybody. Belgrade offers options both in the city center and by the riverside so you can choose what suits you more.

If you are more a techno character, Magacin Depo does great parties at weekends.

  • The riverside area of the Sava river hosts the boats known as splavi in Serbian. The majority of them operate during the hot months of the year. Good options are Klub 20/44, the hipster Pristan or Disco Splav Sloboda.
  • Bitef Art Cafe, in Mitropolita Petra through the year and inside Kalemegdan during the summer, Bitef is a classic in Belgrade’s nightlife. The variety of concerts they offer in their program is great and the ticket prices are very reasonable. You can also check them in their Facebook page.
  • Drugstore, in Bulevar Despota Stefana 115, there is a complex of old warehouses which used to work as factories. One of them used to be a slaughterhouse. Today, known as the techno cathedral, Drugstore Belgrade is one of the most acclaimed techno houses in Europe. No need to say this is a unique place that you can’t miss.
  • Ciglana Klub, located in Slanacki put 26, in Palilula neighborhood, this special arty place deserves a visit. It has a nice bar, hosts different sculpture exhibitions and also organizes a June summer festival called Dev9t which is very popular among the local people. It’s open all year and they have plenty of acoustic concerts which usually last until midnight.


When you want to know the latest trends in Belgrade, these websites are the leaders informing the crowd and what to do every weekend. Definitely, they are must read sites if you want to hear what’s going on in the capital although the majority of places described in the previous section have their own social media website where they post all of their events.

  • Still in Belgrade: A gracefully mix of an online magazine and blog which features the latest content on culture, music, events, art and fashion about Belgrade. The site is updated daily with last minute plans, concerts, exhibitions and dining guides and definitely offers you the true insights of contemporary life in the capital. You can also follow them on their Facebook page or Instagram profile.
  • Living in Belgrade: Also with an online magazine-blog style, Living in Belgrade, created 7 years ago, is another source of information that writes articles covering topics related to culture, events, restaurants and many more. The core idea of the team is to get Belgrade closer to foreigners passing by or staying in the capital. They also have a Facebook page.
  • Bellegrade: With similar vibe than the previous sites, Bellegrade, which means, beautiful city is a blog on the hunt to spot new alternative places around Belgrade. Here you will find tips to get to know the city better, restaurant guides, the best places to have breakfast and many other interesting facts about art and culture. They have Facebook page and Instagram profile.
  • Belgrade Cat: A blog that was born with the background idea of a cat who explores the city. The two bloggers in charge, write with a casual style about life in Belgrade and give many recommendations for the tourists and the locals. You can either follow the blog or their Facebook page.
  • Urban Bug: Our last recommendation is a Serbian portal that features all the information related to concerts and big events in Belgrade and Serbia. Their Facebook page is updated daily.