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Finding An Apartment


You have some districts in mind, so how do you now find an apartment in Belgrade? Local Belgradians normally find rented accommodation through word of mouth, newspapers and social media, but all ads are usually in Serbian. Luckily there are plenty of English-speaking estate agents with easy-to-use websites, where you can browse photographs and details of available apartments. City Expert is a new online-only agency with no fees for tenants, or you can choose a traditional estate agency for more in-depth help on finding a flat including negotiating lower prices. The following estate agents all have websites with adverts in English and several currency options to give you a better idea of cost.


As its name says, the following agencies are specialized in offering services for long term renting. Most likely, the minimum stay would be at least 6 months although the majority of the apartments offer one year contracts.


If youd like to get to know the city a bit better before choosing a permanent apartment or house, there are lots of short term options to choose from. Belgrade has many newly renovated apartments that are furnished with everything you need to find your feet in the capital.


When you see a monthly rental price in Belgrade, be aware that this usually excludes bills. Your landlord will pass on all bills for electricity, TV and internet, gas, water, etc as they arrive and you can either pay him/her directly or pay yourself at the post office. This means you do not have to set up any new accounts in your name, which is very useful if you’re not sure how long you will be staying in the city. For VISA or bank purposes, your house contract should be enough to prove your official residence in Serbia.