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Co-working In Belgrade


The co-working buzz has reached our region relatively fast, and started spreading even faster since 2012. We need to mention that freelancers from the Balkans are some of the most respected, reliable and sought-after employees and collaborators on the online job platforms, usually ranked among the top countries when it comes to quality of performance and the number of completed jobs, while Serbia is also one of the leading countries in the region when it comes to outsourcing. Consequently, Belgrade has seen a massive development on the co-working front, with a number of spaces in operation today. Here are some of the pioneering initiatives that are spreading the co-working spirit in Belgrade and they surrounding. 

Let us know what would be your work-space of  choice and – come work with us!


Address: Gavrila Principa 43 //  Website:

One of the spaces that had been featured in a number of global design and architecture blogs and magazines was Belgrade’s Nova Iskra, founded at the end of 2012.

Nova Iskra is situated on the outskirts of the creative neighborhood of Savamala, which has been an important part in the cultural life of Serbia’s capital over the last few years. Discretely tucked in a residential building, Nova Iskra is the first such space fully dedicated to the fields of design and creative industries, establishing links between the young creatives and SMEs in search of fresh creative solutions that can advance their market presence.

Following the interior makeover by Petokraka architecture studio, the initial 350m2 space has doubled in size over the last four years, and now also encompasses the first, beautiful urban garden in downtown Belgrade with more than 40 plants being cultivated, as well as a spacious terrace lounge (with a pro grill setup). With 51 desks at offer, as well as all daily supplies and services you may need, as it continues to advance its space and service.

Numerous programs at Nova Iskra are dedicated to professional development and offer legal or other sorts of counseling that can help their members in starting their own businesses or projects. They are conducted within the fully equipped pop-up classroom, with a capacity of 30-150 visitors.


Address: Savska 5 //  Website:

Startit Centar grew out from the continual engagement of the SEE ICT organization in the development and affirmation of the startup spirit and potentials of the local IT-oriented workforce and “homegrown innovation”.

Startit Blog website is the seminal Serbian startup web-portal which nurtures, develops and extends the local startup culture through high-quality content and job scouting services. Founded more than five years ago, today it extends via the center onto numerous community events, education programs for current or future IT professionals and numerous partnerships with all relevant companies from the field.

The space itself is in the proximity of the central railway station, a short walk from Nova Iskra and Savamala. It features a modular central space that changes its role from meeting rooms to open community and education space. The event calendar features courses, lectures and a number of meetups, hosting many local user groups and communities (C++, Ruby, Python…), as well as hackathons, big data events or AI and investment Q&As.

With 350m2 of cozy and warm industrial-style interior, Startit Centar is ready to welcome a number of startup teams that meet their mindset of inciting ambition and innovation. The members can use all of the utilities, hang out in the lounge with an appropriate library or take a break on the outdoor terrace. They are also involved in the ongoing programs and events, and can benefit from mentoring support and consultations from some of the leading experts and practitioners from the field.

Startit is already hosting some of the most exciting Serbian startup initiatives, so don’t waste any more time – join, share and advance.  

IMPACT HUB Belgrade​

Address: Makedonska 21 // Website:

Situated in the uber-central Makedonska street, in the former mid-20th century facilities of Radio Belgrade, Impact HUB Belgrade is the meeting point for entrepreneurs and social innovators. The co-working facilities offer hot and fixed desks, standalone offices and individual rental of meeting rooms or event space. The hub is a part of the global Impact HUB network, that includes almost 90 hubs worldwide, spanning all continents.

Acting as a networking hot-spot, Impact HUB Belgrade hosts regular “workbench” and “launchpad” events that support upcoming entrepreneurial ideas and their successful scaling.


Address: Kralja Milana 10 (entrance from Kosovke Devojke) // Website:

With a newly open location, ICT Hub,  has moved from Zvezdara hill to Kralja Milana in the city center. The new space is still holding the combination of hosting several business and IT incubators with co-working desks that are available to members 24/7. There are also a couple of meeting rooms and an IoT lab with equipment to carry on your projects. This hub provides valuable mentoring support and holds regular meetups with experts from a variety of fields. Definitely this move to the heart of the city will make the access for public and digital nomads much easier.


Address: Cara Lazara 5-7 // Website:

IN Centar is another centrally-located co-working space, focused on sustainable development and social businesses. It practices and advocates openness to all marginalized groups, while the space itself was designed to provide easy access for all. Besides offering co-working, virtual office services and event space, IN Centar runs its own incubator for social businesses. The space is open for individuals, organizations and informal groups. It is a place where social entrepreneurs, non-governmental and business sectors meet in order to build a better and improved inclusive society.


Address: Knez Mihailova 33 // Website:

Smart Office offers “office solutions” through a co-working format in central Belgrade, with 30 desks and 2 conference rooms, with flexible terms of use. The team behind Smart Office also offers a selection of basic business services, ideal for someone planning to start a company or a subsidiary in Serbia with minimal basic costs.


Address: Kneza Miloša 23 // Website: Facebook profile: My work

Another slick co-working option set in an apartment overlooking the “London” crossroad in Kneza Miloša street, it offers lavish interior with vivid and comfortable furniture, as well as various modes of use – from walk in option, over hot desks all the way to dedicated desks and conference room rent. Two minutes away from public transport stops, and a short walk from Terazije and Trg Republike squares.


Address: Kozara 1 // Website:

Office share, co-working space and also an incubator. Polygon is settled in the vicinity of Savski Venac, in the calm, residential neighborhood of Dedinje. Formed by a team of IT enthusiasts, freelancers and contractors who are open to embrace any interesting project, it offers designated desks, 24/7 access and free parking.


Address: Several places in Belgrade // Website:

Unlike others on the list, Laptop Friendly is not a space. It is a rather an online tool or community that gives you access to “a different place for work”. It brings together coffee places and small businesses alike, who are offering you half-day or full-day slots at their tables, with all the basic needs like a stable WiFi connection, background music, power plugs or unlimited drinks included in the offer. Ideal for the urban digital nomad, who prefers to switch workplaces every few days, keeping a fresh perspective and opening to different local communities.