Expat Community


The last few years have seen a huge rise in the number of foreigners moving to Belgrade. As the city’s leading tech, engineering and infrastructure companies go global, more and more exciting job opportunities are opening up to the international community.  At the same time, Belgrade’s cultural and creative renaissance is attracting people from all walks of life to our buzzing capital city and there are lots of way to connect with your fellow expats.


Societies and groups are a great way to meet new people, socialize, share tips and tricks about exploring the city and also develop a professional network. Here are the most popular expat groups in Belgrade, all with active contributors and an engaged community:

  • Internations Belgrade: Part of the Internations worldwide network, the Belgrade community offers a wide range of activities to help you meet other foreigners living in the city. Basic membership is free, or you can upgrade to a paid membership for access to certain events, or pay directly at each event. Every month there’s an official gathering organized for all the members in different fun locations around Belgrade. Some members also organize informal activities for smaller groups such as weekly dinners, outdoor sports days or coffee mornings. There are also many friendly Serbians in the Internations Belgrade community, who are happy to offer advice during your time in the capital.
  • Belgrade Foreign Visitors Club: As the name suggests, this Facebook group was created to help any foreign visitor who comes to Belgrade. The invite-only group has very active admins and has the largest registered expat group in Serbia. Members here will advise, suggest and recommend you places around the capital and other cities, based on their own first-hand experience. The Foreign Visitors club also organizes meet-ups so you can get to know other members of the community face-to-face. The club plans to expand beyond Facebook and has a new website in development.

Other Facebook based groups:

  • Expat Serbia: Is another international community with an active group where members post useful information about life in Belgrade and other interesting activities.
  • International women married to Serbs: With a self-explanatory name, this group has members from all across the world and organizes regular monthly dinner and drinks. It’s a great place to share tips and tricks about daily life in Serbia and experiences of family issues.
  • Language Exchange Club Belgrade: This innovative group helps you practice a foreign language for free! The members meet up regularly to exchange relaxed lessons over a coffee or cold beer. You can find one language buddy or join a bigger group.
  • Spontaneous Belgrade: This group connects spontaneous and active people who share similar interests in doing fun activities in the capital – the members are friendly and easy going.
  • The International Belgrade Singers: This popular group was created back in 2012 to bring together expats with a love of classical singing. The choir is composed by a mix of diplomatic and expatriate communities and also Serbian citizens. They specialize in international repertoire from all over the world and usually do two performances during the year to raise money for local charities. If you’ve been in a choir before you should definitely check out this group.

Other weekly reunions:

  • Couchsurfing community, with a weekly meeting on Wednesdays at Ljutić bar, in Stevana Sremca 5.
  • Every Wednesday at 20h in Meduza (near the mosque), other regular events with foreign people.


If you are one of many people that loves blogging culture, there are a few expats in Serbia that wrote or write about their experiences in the country. Enjoy the read and maybe think about starting one yourself with your own impressions and adventures!

  • A Yankee in Belgrade: Written by an American woman who has more than 35 years of experience living in Serbia, she writes with passion and love towards the Serbian people, their lifestyle and costumes and always documenting her posts with a personal touch.
  • Chronicles of Serbia: T is another American woman, mum also, who married to a Serb and decided to move to her husband’s beloved country. In her blog you will find tips, experiences and secrets about how is life in the Balkans.
  • Belgrade Streets: Andy Townend is a passionate about photography who used his time living in Belgrade to write about the capital and documented people, places and memories with deeply admiration for Serbia. He also published a book titled “belgradestreets” which you can find in bookstores like Vulkan or Delfi.
  • Brits in Belgrade: The most recent photo-blog about life in Belgrade. With a fresh hipster pinch and laid back style, you will surely fall in love with the way this British lady is documenting her Balkan adventures.
  • Girl GI: A free online magazine dedicated to expat women who live overseas, with an accompanying facebook group.