Family In Belgrade


When you are moving with your family, especially if you have children, one of the first things you do is checking out how would their new life look like and if they would adapt easily to a new environment. Looking for the right school, doctors, outdoor spaces, weekend activities and other hobbies is an important part of the new challenge and surely, the smoothest the move, the better the relocation will be.


Even though Belgrade has plenty of green spaces, we made a short selection of the parks we believe are most suited for children, with specific areas, great playgrounds and even wild animal sightseeing. Put your jacket on and get ready to enjoy!

  • ADA CIGANLIJA: Ada Ciganlija is the largest green park in Belgrade with lake included, offers plenty of options for children since it has several playgrounds, sports courts, a small train that goes around the lake, bicycle routes and great picnic areas. You can get any of these bus lines to get there 23, 37, 51, 52, 53, 58, 85 and 88. Check the routes and timing in Plan Plus.

  • KALEMEGDAN PARK: Mostly known for its fortress, Kalemegdan park has several routes to skate, bicycle and walk around with the nicest views of Sava and Danube rivers. It also features a 800 m2 playground area for children with plenty of new swings and sledges built according to the latest European standards.

Beo Zoo, always a must for children, is located in the lowest slope of the park bordering with Cara Dušana street, in Dorćol. Prices for children are 300 dinars and 400 for adults. But if zebras weren’t scary enough, you can even touch a terrific dinosaur at the Dino Park Jura Avantura – 250 dinars ticket for children and 350 dinars for adults. Visit Jura Avantura facebook page.
  • TAŠMAJDAN PARK: The biggest park in the center of the city placed between the neighborhoods of Palilula and Vračar, with St. Mark’s church dominating the view has a great playground for children and plenty of space for them to run. During the hot summers, the fountains spread along the park make their delights as they have several water circuits constantly changing.

If you prefer to bring them to do some sports you also have the Sport Complex Tašmajdan with a swimming school as well as other events dedicated for the little ones.

  • PRIJATELJSTVA PARK: The “Friendship park” as it names translates, doesn’t have a proper playground itself, but this park covering the green space between Ušće and the Palace of Serbia is a great spot for cycling, having picnics and play boomerang, badminton or even fly a kite.


During the summer period you will be enjoying the weather outside but when the winter comes, Belgrade is prepared to give different options for children and teenagers. We have selected a variety of places spread all around the city with spaces thought for children from 1 to 16 years old. The majority of them have English speakers animators and you can celebrate birthdays, parties or just go a few hours during the weekend.




Check the location of the places above here.


If you are looking for some cultural activities to do with your family, there are several centers that are only for children. You can find theaters, storytellers and loads of activities every month. Joining these groups would be a nice way to get to know other expat kids.

  • AMERICAN CORNER BELGRADE: The monthly program covers storytelling, educational games, a library with more than 1,000 books for children and also other planned activities with a different theme every month.

Address: Makedonska 22, 1st floor // Opening hours: 10-20h (Sat until 14h) Website: //  Facebook page

  • BELGRADE CHILDREN CULTURAL CENTER: With plenty of workshops in different areas like art, film, music, sports, ballet, acting and even programs for the parents, the Belgrade Children Cultural Center offers a complete range of free activities and events. The webpage is in Serbian but still worth to have a look. It is located in Palilula, just behind Tašmajdan park.

Address: Takovska 8  // Website: // Facebook page

  • MAJDAN CHILDREN CULTURAL CENTER: With similar structure than the Center from Palilula, Majdan Children Cultural Center offers a variety of activities in art, education, special programs and also sport. During the school holidays they organize free dancing lessons and other interesting events with technology days, etc. It is located by Hyde Park, in Senjak vicinity. You can get there with the trolleybus 40 and 41 and with bus 44 also.

Address: Kozjačka 3-5  // Website: // Facebook page

  • THEATER PUZ: With this funny name, The Snail Theater has several performances every month. There are plays thought for the smaller ones and others for more grown up children. The spectacles are in Serbian played by actors and their range covers local stories but also old classics titles like The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella or Robin Hood among others. We recommend you to give it a try and see the great atmosphere they have.

Address: Radoslava Grujića 21, in Vračar // Website: //

Facebook page
  • THEATER LUTAKA PINOKIO: The Lutaka Pinokio Theater is located in New Belgrade on its way to Zemun. It is the only puppet theater in Belgrade and it has traditional fairy tales, legends and myths in its repertoire like The three little pigs, Aladdin and Peter Pan. For certain plays, like the Three Musketeers, they also have actors. Lutaka Pinokio runs more than 250 plays per year, including some adult titles in the evenings.

Address: Goce Delčeva 1 // Website:

  • THEATER PAN:The Theater Pan was founded 22 years ago in Belgrade and since it’s origins their repertoire has grown up to 30 titles, combining animation and actors. Every weekend, they have 2 to 4 different titles and sessions so you can choose which timetable suits you better. You can also celebrate the birthday of your kids here which will include a play, some magic games and catering among other activities. The Theater Pan has its own acting studio for children up to 12 years old.

Address: Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 298 // Website:

  • CHILDREN THEATER ČARAPA:The Theater Čarapa is based in New Belgrade but all the children plays are performed in the Belgrade Children Cultural Center in Takovska 8, by Tašmajdan. The theater counts with 17 different titles and also combines animation, puppets and actors. The new spring season will be open in March

Address:Španskih boraca 24/11 // Website:

Facebook page
  • LITTLE THEATER DUŠKO RADOVIĆ: With nearly 70 years of history at his back, the Little Theater Duško Radović is the one of oldest childrens theater companies in Belgrade. Traditional fairy tales, Serbian legends and myths are among its repertoire which also covers modern classics adapted to teenagers who enjoy the evening program. The theater moved recently to a new address sharing the space with Lutaka Pinokio in New Belgrade.

Address: Goce Delčeva 1 // Website: // Facebook page

  • THEATER BOŠKO BUHA: Originally founded in 1937 under other names, it wasn’t until 1950 when the Theater Boško Buha was officially established as a professional children theater. 67 years after, is still one of the most famous theaters in Serbia with more than 250 different plays on its shoulders. Same as the other theaters in Belgrade, Boško Buha has a great repertoire with classic fairy tales like the Wizard of Oz and also well-known plays for young teenagers like A Midsummer Nights Dream among others.

Address: Trg republike 3 // Website: // Facebook page

  • TREE HOUSE STORYTELLING CENTRE: Founded 26 years ago in London, this NGO came to Belgrade in 2006 with the project Tree House Storytelling Centre. Today the Centre has its own autonomy and runs a wide range of educational activities with several courses, projects and workshops. They have a mobile team that goes to different locations around the city and also has a small theater, a party space for birthday celebrations and a garden with its own playground. It is located by Hyde Park in Senjak.

Address: Bulevar Kneza Aleksandra Karađorđevića 6 // Website:

  • SCOUT ASSOCIATION OF BELGRADE: With around 3,000 members, the Scout Association of Belgrade is the largest youth organization of non-formal education in the capital. Children aged 7 at least can access to the Association through the schools who have an scout organization. The Association prepares weekend activities with meetings, picnics and also camping. There are numerous scouts who speak English and the website is fully translated with detailed information about the Scout movement.

Address: Dom omladine, Makedonska 22/III // Website:

Check the location of the places above here.

If you would like to read more information for children activities in Belgrade, Beograd za decu, is a portal specialized in cultural programs for kids and also Besplatan Sport, another online site with plenty of content to do sport with children. They also organize several courses free of charge. Both sites are in Serbian but is worth to have a look.


Are you struggling to find a babysitter to enjoy a romantic dinner out in Belgrade? Or do you need somebody to help out with your children for a few hours per day? The following companies offer different types of services adapted for every occasion and they also have carers who speak other languages if required.


The majority of hospitals and private clinics in Belgrade have a specific department for Children with pediatric, ophthalmologist and dentist among their services. Probably the easiest way is to choose the nearest one to your house and do all the check ups for the family in the same place but there is also clinics just specialized in mums and children spread around the city. The list below includes some of the most known clinics in Belgrade.