International Schools In Serbia


Education in Serbia is free and with public access. The system might be slightly different than in other European countries but there is enough options for you to choose where do you want to bring your children.


In Serbia, kindergarten is intended for children aged six months to six years.

Once they turn six, all children need to go through the preparatory preschool program, organized for free in public kindergartens or preschools. When they complete this program, children go on to primary school.


Children start primary school in Serbia when they are six and a half, or seven, depending on the date of birth. Primary education consists of two cycles and takes 8 years.

The first cycle covers the first four grades. General subjects in this cycle are taught by the same teacher in charge of the class, while art and foreign languages are taught by another, subject teacher.

The second cycle covers the fifth through eighth grade. In this cycle, each subject is taught by a subject teacher.


After primary school, at age 14, children may proceed to a secondary school. They can either choose the general education program which takes 4 years or the vocational education program which takes 2-4 years.

The different schools you can enroll your children during secondary education include gymnasiums, professional schools, art schools, mixed schools, schools for adult education and schools for students with disabilities. If you want to learn more about the program of each school, it is best to consult the Law on secondary education or contact each school directly.


International schools should be familiar with the procedure for expat students. You can also check with them should you have any questions about the program or related regulations.